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the world class city of san francisco congratulations everybody for being a hero today. you know the san francisco hospital foundation the general hospital foundation has been such a wonderful wonderful entity and i want to just thank stephanie your leadership, i want to thank julie and rich at the board with all of the other board members, the staff at the hospital, all of the staph, you know sometimes the doctors have to do it's emergency work but what makes that whole hospital run is literally everybody that works at the hospital from the social workers to the accountants to the administrators to the nurses, and nurse practitioner and is the doctors and all of the fundraisers thank you everybody for working together. and for today, again, a big thanks to ellen and pam for your leadership and bringing the hearts and the heros together. it's such a wonderful just community effort to support our general hospital and all of the work that it does. everybody knows what it does already. but i also want to say there are other heros that you are acknowledging today and i would like to just gi
>> i want to welcome everybody. i'm from kiss fm and the voice of your san francisco giants at the park. we've got to great program planned for you today and keep that energy up. and thank you to lincoln high school. this is going to be a very exciting day as mayor lee and the giants kickoff the campaign. it is our goal along with your hope to keep san francisco clean and beautiful this wonderful city that we love for generations to come. we're going to keep you very attend let's get this program started with a beach blanket babylon with an original song and let's welcome renÉe wilson. ♪ ♪ to keep you clean is why we gather here. it's time for us to care. that's why i'll help our mayor to polish every street with one big giant sweep. oh, whistle why while you work. and carefully together we'll show our pride. just like the giants we will triumph but there's work to do. no litering so make sure you pick up your trash. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so whistle while you work. we must work hard to reach our goal keep san francisco beautiful. just work don't be a quiter. keep our city all
in san francisco. you know that this city's future don't understand on the education we provide for all our children. it's with great pleurisy introduce the mayor of the city of san francisco. good morning thank you laura republican for that kind introduction and thank you for opening your divorces to me this morning. i want to honor david and all your supervisors and to our two newest supervisors. mayor brown thank you for being here and taking the time to join us this morning. you have done so much in this county >> and since this is my first city address i'm hoping you'll cut me some slack if you chose to write about it in the newspapers. to the department heads and consistent leaders and education leaders to all of you who are online and thank you all of you for joining us this morning. and, of course, to my wonderful wife, mother and friend thank you for being here and pitting up with me for all these years >> a year ago i stood before i and score my term of office pledging to seize the year of the dragon to focus on jobs and to make bold decisions for your future. and to work to
>> on december 28, 1912. san francisco mayor, sonny jim rolph stared into the crowds of those who have gathered. a moment in history. the birth of a publicly own transit system. san francisco municipal railway. muni as it would become to be known. happy birthday, muni, here is to the next 100 years. the birth of muni had been a long-time coming. over the years the city was disjointed privately owned companies. horses and steam and electric-powered vehicles. creating a hodgepodge of transit options. none of them particularly satisfying to city residents. the city transit system like the city itself would have changes during the san francisco earthquake. the transition that will pursue from this aftermath would change san francisco's transportation system once again. facilitated by city boss, abe ruth, ushering in the electric city car. the writing was on the wall. the clammer had begun for the experiment including public transit people. owned by the people and for the people. the idea of a consolidated city-owned transit system had begun traction. and in 1909, voters went to the po
champions, san francisco giants. >> in fact, the last time that i was at city hall was halloween 2012, right after the parade and the victory celebration and so it is great to be back and it is almost baseball season and who is ready to demand our title? i cannot wait, i cannot begin to tell you how honored i am to serve as your host for this special event, i want to welcome you officially to the san francisco mayor's office of neighborhood services black history month closing ceremony. what a way to wrap things up, we gather here to honor a living legend, ground breaking politician, activist and freedom fighter and fashion icon, the one and the only the honorable willie l. brown junior. [ applause ] growing in the area, his accomplishments and contributions to the world at large and public service were not lost on me and it is really been a dream come true for me to grow up and get to know him professionally and personally. my father and willie were acquaintances and fraternity brothers. >> when he was elected the first african american mayor i was right up there front and center in 1996 an
is and all that he has done and all that he continues to do. the san francisco mayor's office of neighborhood services truly appreciates the generous support it has received during this 2013 black history month and so right now, i would like to take a moment and acknowledge our sponsors for today's event, san francisco firefighter local 798. the san francisco police association. wells fargo bank. comcast. gen renaissance foundation, at&t and paradigm assets management company and thank you all for helping us out today. we also would like to thank marcus shelby of the orchestra who will be blessing us with his talents today. >> now, the san francisco mayor's office of neighborhood services works tirelessly as a liaison between san francisco neighborhoods and city government to make sure that the voice of the neighborhood is heard and if problems and concerns are handled effectively and respectfully. and now, representing the mayor's office of neighborhood services i would like to welcome to the podium, the director miss cristina, palone. thank you. >> good afternoon. it is my h
through this call. together we will make it so that this issue is never marginalized again. san francisco, you have been rising all day long. from dancing across the golden gate bridge this morning. the dancers who were just here now at grace cathedral. and thank you grace cathedral for welcoming us. and elrio will be dancing all night long. what better place to rise and here at city hall on valentine's day and all the elected officials and leaders, all of the women of anti-violence leaders who are here, and are doing this work everyday alongside of you. thank you, san francisco rising. v-day is a welcome place and i spoke to the representative from congo. and i want to thank every person in the mayor's office and the d.a.'s department and every single agency that works on this issue every day. from the bottom of my heart, and eve sends her love as well. you have made this happen. on that note i would like to welcome mayor edwin lee. thank you. >> all right, how are y'all doing? well, anita and i came together to join vascone and the fabulous fablioa, isn't she fabulous. and david chu and
in law enforcement i truly enjoy working until the city of san francisco that i was born in and somebody once said absorb what is useful discard what is not and -- with intentions we have taken approach to help average gangs members toss teach them to may be better choice chois and change their lives forever and finishing education and get aing a job has helped individuals keeping off the block and along with that we are seek to go educate gangs so that they can continue their education and live their dreams and we call it family and education ever over everything and i'm very humble for receiving this apartward and thank you to general hospital foundation. >> (applause) . >> our second award will be presented by 98ian nay men. head of state and local relation, visa incorporated.. >> (applause) . >> good afternoon everyone god you look so great out there. i wish there was a camera up here so that you could see how wonderful you look especially with the backdrop of the ballpark. you know, i love this event for calm reasons usually it's because it's done around valentine's day and ha
much mahammod. and we're counting on you and all people all over san francisco. and the school is an important part and we will e we need tour contempt we need your participation. as i said earlier this is about making san francisco's beautiful and for generations to come as well. and let's welcome the san francisco board president rachel norton. >> any giant fans in the house? i'm a little star stuck-up here we've got the mayor, we've got the police chief and the fire chief. i want to thank mayor lee for your leadership for bringing this together. and i want to thank the giant for helping us to remember we're part of a team. we stress sustainability in how we manage our buildings and we're diverting our trash away from the landfills and you're helping us do that. so we're asking for your help again. this is going to be a fun activity there's going to be contests and you'll be winning stuff. thank you, very much. >> thank you rachel for your contempt to education. well students are getting involved in the giant sweep and right now we have two student leaders. that's right you
honored to welcome you here today. for years san francisco has been a shining example of how we get things done together. and not only have folks from asian-american community and from all walks of life. san francisco is truly a melting pot. we want to celebrate our lunar new year and hope for a prosperous new year. and my new role as assessor, we hope that is true. rather than dragging out this presentation. i want to bring up to speak a number of people who you all know, who you all love. and of course who have many things to share with us. san francisco is very fortunate and lucky to have with us our first asian-american, first chinese mayor, mayor ed lee. please welcome him. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor. happy new year everybody. now i want to explain before the news media talks about it. there is an obvious explanation for why the women are sitting on one side. and the men are sitting on the other. because if you have heard councilor general gao in his speeches around the year of the serpent. you often know he has explained this is the year of mini-dragon. we will do some thing
with this incredible occasion where the whole world see's how san francisco is when you get 300,000 bikes leading a parade of gay lesbians when we have our pride parade in san francisco and we eventually got around to letting the italians do something in october. so it's an incredible city. it's just an incredible city. i marvel he asked me what do you think the republicans call you black history month? i start to think, republicans, black history month, what could they call it? before i can answer he said february. [ laughter ] but we call it black history month here in san francisco and we mean it's black history month in san francisco and am indeed delighted that i'm being honored and i'm looking forward to the next year to the next person we honor and i really want us, mr. mayor, under your guidance and leadership to elevate the level of black history month in the same way we have collectively elevated the level of chinese new years and all the other wonderful celebration we do in the city because it gives us a chance to teach, demonstrate and to show exactly who we are and what we are abo
the streets of san francisco makes you want to sing. when you think of willie brown we like no other. he's the kind of dude that you like as your brother. i say he's the kind of dude that you want as your brother. he's the kind of dude that you want as your brother. [ applause ] but since i'm an old dude, i'm not going to do that because that would seem unseemly. what i do say is when this is all said and done, willie would seem to be an individual who em bodies the classic american story success of invention and reinvention. born of talent, skill, determination, brilliance, lots of plain old hard work. and the ability to take one's god given talent, fashion it, shape it, mold it into something quite remarkable and remarkably effective and enduring. willie brown is a game changer. thank you, willie, for all your work, talents, brilliance, heart, your and forgiving a damn. thank you. [ applause ] on that note, i believe i should bring mayor brown to the stage. is that correct? ladies and gentlemen, mayor willie brown. [ applause ] >> that was remarkable. but then again you are a vocalist
francisco. and under the innovative and in partnership with so many park advocates san francisco parks are among the best in the nation thanks to a $100 million from prop e including all those parks along our water front and thanks again to the voters. we're finally replacing our public streets. dp w about pave it's 1 it had street. and when we're through talk to mahammod about your favorite street. and the new center will provide 1 hundred new hotel rooms and 12 acres of open space with the transit tower at its center piece. along the waterfront the mixed use development with the san francisco giants at c-3 lot will create vibrant new neighborhoods. and in less than 5 years we'll workman's compensation the golden state wares. a crumpling appear for parked cars will be transformed into a new arena bringing people closer to the waterfront and creating good jobs and year-round jobs. it will a be a short walk along the waterfront. leakage those kinds of opportunities attacking on a mba france should i say and privately finance and building a new facility on your water front only come once
looks like he's >> next on kron 4 news at 11. the swat team called to a san francisco home after a break in turns into a standoff. and we break down the bay area's multiple officer involved shootings. all with deadly endings. the latest one happening today! [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit citi.com/thankyoucards to apply. [ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> a swat team called into after a burglary attempt leads to a standof
-presenters, the san francisco african-american chamber of commerce, the bayview ymca, senator mark leno's office, the san francisco public library, and the mayor's office of neighborhood services, welcome to the 2013 black history month program. the 2013 black history month theme is "at the crossroads of freedom and equality, the emancipation proclamation and the march on washington." the society is the lineal descendant of the san francisco atheneum. it has been the only san francisco institution that is dedicated to documenting, preservinging and presenting true accounts of the history of people of african descent in san francisco. the society is a membership-based organization. without the hard work of our members and friends, the society wouldn't be able to present programs like today's kickoff. i'd like to take a moment here to thank members of our board of directors and the black history month committee who are here. amongst the board of directors members we have here today are dr. bill hoskins, and please hold your applause until i finish the list because we want to give them all a round
and commissioners. i am kevin call and executive director of the hotel council in san francisco and serve on the board of sf travel. we are supportive of the arena and the work being done. bringing the arena in along with the entertainment portion of it will help the economics of the city. it obviously would help with hotels and people staying in hotels but remember when people stay in a hotel they spend more outside than inside so the benefits would be enormous for the city. definitely we support this put together with it. we do think it would benefit the city hopefully for those live and work in san francisco and appreciate your consideration. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am rebecca [inaudible]. i'm a citizen of the city here and i wanted to say i'm in support of the arena on the community bay side. i think it brings the community today and we pride ourselves as active residents and the arena would add another element to be active and provide jobs and activities for all the residents. thank you. >> hello. my name is sarah . i live in san francisco.
important that all the companies in san francisco invest in our effort to create those 5,000 summer jobs, expose them to how to earn their money, not take some handout from somebody. earn their money so that they can have the respect of having a good paycheck and get used to it and get used to success. this is the story that we have to live up to. (applause) >> and it is all about moving forward for everybody. the intent of reenvisioning public housing is so that we can talk to each other about not recreating the story about generations of people stuck in poverty housing. it is about a vision that we agree to, that when we get our paychecks, when we earn those jobs, we move our families forward so that they stay in san francisco and that they are successful in being here in san francisco. that's what we're trying to build. i just got out of a critical hour with senator leno who has been so helpful at the state. and we talked about all of the programs that we need to make sure that we're investing in so that everybody in san francisco can succeed. this is absolutely critical. six months a
our probation departments and working with police and other city departments san francisco in 2012 has responded to the challenges a of realignment and intergrating non-violent programs it sport non-violent lives. and just as he must continue to be a healthier city. less than one year our adults will receive health care thanks to president obama and nancycy pelosi. we have a long-standing healthy program and the new international law will extend the program to 3 b thousand san franciscans. and just as we must keep getting health care and pension reform define we must address the challenge of the unfunded liability area. we're beginning to make progress but we must development a more responsible approach to providing health care to our retired city employees >> and know that together our partners in labor will address this the san francisco way to son sense once in a while. and finally, we must rebuilt our st. louis hospital in the mission. they're the priors of critical health deliver as well as major employers. members of the board have taken a strong leadership role working with my
of us who are working it to make sure that san francisco has the most gem of neighborhoods for the entire word we're trying to chief that >> thank you for helping us. thank you very much >> thank you supervisor. and we know it's comfortable without our community leaders. so, please thank you so much. in our other vp thank you all for coming. i think the original reason for this conference is to tell you in terms of giving you a qualified data. we did a terrific study were what i want to talk to you today about why the cd vs good but in terms of how we change the environment it's more than just changing the city's atmosphere the real magic is because we do all these things but it changes the feeling people have a of a neighborhood it gives them a great sense of belonging. it's what cv ds are important. i want to thank supervisor wiener and the mayor because the atmosphere is very important >> i want to thank if you could say just a couple of words? well, thank you very much for coming out today. i want to thank the supervisors and thank you to lee a for leading the commun
the mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, good afternoon, everybody. it's my pleasure to be here to join former mayor willie brown, and supervisor scott wiener and david campos, and the commission of the police department, and friends and staff and friends and family here to witness the promotion of 56 officers of our police department. you know many of you have heard me say in the city that we are the world passage, and rightly so. we are doing things that no other city is doing to lead the way. not just for economic recovery but job creation. showing the way. and our mission bay and biotech, the latest discovers and drugs, the cure of cancer with residents of san francisco working there. we host the biggest and best conventions in the world to bring people together in this great city to do things that collaborate with each other. whether it's business or medicine or research. we have some of the best research and diversity here that are anchoring the discovery. at the same time we host some of the best sports teams in the world. and you know that we are winn
of in san francisco. on thursday march 7th, from 5:30 to 7:30, we will be holding our second annual lgbtqt dinner, it is time for the dinners to celebrate the richness that make all of our families special. i will be proudly attending and i look forward to seeing all of our lgbtq families there as well. rsvp is required by march first and you may do so by visiting www.sflgtbqdinner families winner,.event bright.com. just so you know we have fliers in the lobby and have it posted on the website as well. one last item is that on this agenda for the board, it includes four action items related to preliminary layoff noises to certificate other representative employees and this is necessary by statutory deadline which is march 15th. this year marks the first time since 2007, where we are not facing hundreds, upon hundreds of preliminary layoffs due to anticipated budget cuts to the state of california and i want to thank our community and all of the voters for the passage of prop 30 which is making this possible, and if you do take away those positions lost, due to the anticipated end of the sc
and the san francisco community at large. thank you. >> additional public comment? >> good afternoon commissioners. jim meeko from south of market. i think the most devastating revelation two weeks ago when you heard this was the map when the small businesses, hardware stores, home improvement stores in the area passed out that map that showed the two block radius, six block radius and a 2-mile radius around the proposed location. in showing just how many san francisco businesses are involved in this from speedies hardware just two blocks aware. they're struggling to get established on folsom street and another hardware a couple of other blocks away and for the small businesses struggling to remain in this city. i ask you to maintain the commitment you made two weeks ago to the small businesses and to up hold this decision to redie this project. thank you very much. >> any additional public comment? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> yeah, i will let you know why i asked this to come off of consent with a little background. i am old enough to
traveling through san francisco from day-to-day would force to the east bay and san raphael in order to be able to not risk jail and/or fine. in terms of the reporting of sales of 500 rounds of ammunition, i would like to thank the authors for a proposed change which make it clear that the recordkeeping requirements would apply only to vendors that have a physical presence in san francisco. however, i'm curious as to how san francisco would have the authority to regulate interstate commerce by requires outside vendors to report to the chief of police. i'm concerned that the chief of police believes that the purchase of 500 rounds by anyone raises a flag to law enforcement. it's not uncommon to go through several hundred of rounds when you go to the range and it's also -- than it is to buy 50 round at a time. i would hope that the chief would be more concerned purchase by prohibited person than an arbitrary rounds by anyone. i fail to see what added benefit there is since vendors already require to maintain records of all sales. i don't see the added benefit. >> thank you, mr. green.
into san francisco, near candlestick park,. the second happened later that afternoon when san jose police shot and killed another man after starting a chase. the third involves union city police who shot and killed a suspect after an attempted traffic stop turned into a footchase. the fourth, as we just mentioned, was the shooting with hayward police earlier this morning. >> vallejo police are investigating what appears to be a murder-suicide. officers were on their way to an apartment for a welfare check this morning, when neighbors reportedly heard gunshots. a male and female were both found with bullet wounds. it's unclear what their relationship was. police are looking into that and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. >> the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon turned deadly today. authorities say a 46-year- old man suffered "a massive cardiac event" as he was getting into the water to start the race. emergency crews noticed him right away. pulled him from the water. and began administering c-p-r but were unable to save him. this is believed to be the first death at the gruel
♪ ♪ ♪ we are beautiful creatures >> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the ci
in the situation. >> early saturday morning officers in san francisco shot a man who raised a gun at them. and later that day officers in san jose shot a suspect during a chase. several hours after that, police in union city killed another man with a gun. >>> the mystery surrounding a teddy bear with a purple heart medal left at a memorial has been sold. our sister station cap ptured the imagine of a man leaving the purple heart. later a deputy got a later from the man saying in part the bear reflects. love of community, the red ribbon for the bloodshed in the line of community. the purple heart for the sacrifice above and beyond all duty. the police department says it was deeply moved. a man has been arrested for stealing flowers from the memorial. police say ken maffei took the flowers, and he says he purchased the flowers but couldn't produce a receipt. >>> the public memorial service for loren butch baker and elizabeth butler will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. >>> san francisco police are trying to track down an ass
-1-1. san francisco police say the woman refused to identify herself. they say the rifle she had actually belonged to the residents of the house. it was not loaded and there was a trigger lock on it. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the san francisco police department is on alert after a high-powered rifle was stolen from a police car. many officers carry shotguns and rifles in their vehicles while on regular patrol. a member of the sfpd tells abc7 news the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked vehicle like this car. detectives don't know if the thieves broke into the car looking specifically for the rifle, but they point out the ar-15 was properly secured. >>> we have a change of weather ahead. rain is ahead and now to leigh glaser on what is happening right now. >> you are exactly right. it has been some time since we have seen measurable rainfall. parts of the bay area saw a few sprinkles this morning. live doppler 7hd is sweeping live and not picking up any returns at all. we are in a break right now. the current temperatures are starting to cool down. this is a live shop looking toward coi
. >>> asa shooting in san francisco-- a shooting in san francisco killed one man and sparked a chase and arrest. we are in the bayview district where we learned there are two crime scenes. >> reporter: we are here at the primary crime scene where it happened on third and up the street a couple blocks, a second crime scene where police recovered the weapon hidden in a wheel well of the vehicle. this shooting happened when the sun was out and stores were opened. so, now police are speaking with witnesses and are searching for surveillance footage from the businesses to get a better idea of what led to that shooting. we have learned the victim a 21- year-old man has died. police got the call shortly before 8:30 this morning and arrived to find the victim on the sidewalk suffering from multiple gun shot wounds. this happened on third and palu next to the check cashing business in san francisco's bayview district. the victim was transported to the hospital while police chased the suspect. >> the suspect was seen fleeing from the scene. officers in the ne
.m. >> good morning and welcome to the san francisco board meeting. we are joined today by community member supervisor norman and joined by one of our colleagues. the clerk of the committee is evans and we want to acknowledge the following members of s f g tv staff who are covering the meeting. mark bunch. >> do you have any announcements? >> yes, sir. please silence all devices. files should be submitted to the clerk. items may appear on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. madam clark can you call items no. 1. >> item no. 1, prohibit sales of law enforcement ammunition. no. 2, police code require reporting 500 or more round >> these two items have been introduce by mayorly and supervisor co-hen. >> thank you very much. thank you. as many of you know i have joined with chief and other leaders to announce this legislation late last year. this has built upon to take on gun violence. ammunition, lethal ammunition. what the law doesn't restrict is it's possession. now we also have existing regulation that require anyone selling ammunition within the city limits maintain
the memorial with sheriff and firefighters and emergency responders. >> the san francisco police department is on alert after a high-powered rifle was stolen from a police car. a high ranking member says the ar15 was taken yesterday from an unmarked car like this one. we are told the car was locked. the assault rifle was properly secured. detectives do not know if the thief was specifically looking for the rifle. an alert went to all officers to look out for the weapon. the man accused of killing a bay area rapper in las vegas on the strip will appear los angeles superior court. ammar harris seen in this video faces extradition from california to nevada. the 26-year-old self described pitch was arrested in north hollywood ending a week-long manhunt following the february 21 shooting. police say harris fired at least five shots in a mazurati sports car. he killed kenneth cherry jr., an oakland rapper. two others died when his car slammed into a tax after he was shot. >> in los gatos there could be a ban on selling any guns in the city. it applies only to new guns after neighbors voices conce
in san francisco want to know who took an assault rifle from an unmarked police car. on saturday someone broke into a locked vehicle on mission street and grab ared the ar15 -- grabbed the ar15 rifle. it's a type of gun given to officers who may use it during incidents like a barricaded suspect. san francisco police have sent out an alert to other agencies to recover that weapon. >>> a woman seen caught breaking into a san francisco home held police off with a shotgun for more than two years. residents of alliance street home arrived yesterday afternoon to find their house being burglarized. they left and called 911, and a stand off ensued. s.w.a.t officers talked the suspect into dropping the gun and a hatchet and then surrendering. she is facing burglary charges. >>> tragedy the at escape from alcatraz try at ron this week, a -- triathalon. a 46-year-old man died. organizers say the man had a massive heart attack in the bay. the fire department pulled him out of the 55-degree water and then tried to revive him but just couldn't. this is the
liquid check of the weather with erica. >> good morning anny . at conditions in downtown san francisco. >> temperatures not to bad. we're not near the freezing mark. fairfield upper '40's the same for concord. 51 in oakland. 45 in daly city. >> future cast 4 tracking temperatures throughout the day. mainly fifties from the heart of the bay by lunchtime. 12:00 we are talking 60s in line. >> we will see a decrease in the cloud cover. sunshine into the afternoon. afternoon highs holding on to fifties. '60s will start to fill in. by 8:00 p.m. tonight. cold with temperatures back into the '40's. >> taking a look at afternoon highs. upper 50s and lows 60s in the south bay. mountain view's 60. 61 and thou tell. it did not for sunbelt. santa clara 61 in san jose. >> partly cloudy in the east bay mid-60's possible for fairfield couple 50s in san leandro. >> downtown san francisco 54. >> 58 expected and if navato >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights major changes. we will see an increase in cloud cover heading into tuesday. a small cold front dropping from the pacific northwes
-- that shooting caused a chain reaction crash that killed two people in a taxi. >>> san francisco police are searching for an assault rifle stolen from an unmarked police car. the ar15 gun was in the the car on mission street when someone broke the window and grabbed it saturday night. that type of gun is given to specially trained officers. san francisco police have sent out an alert to other agencies to try and find the weapon. >>> a woman with a rifle and a hatchet held san francisco police off for more than two hours yesterday. it it started when residents of lion street home walked in on a burglary. s.w.a.t officers talked to the 22-year-old suspect into dropping the weapons and surrendering. she is facing burglary charges. >>> san francisco police are searching for a missing man who has the mental capacity of a teenager. dewin was seen friday on his home near sickles avenue. that's on mission street. 5 feet 1, 90 pounds, black hair and brown icy. he functions as a 12 to 14-year- old and can be easily confused. >>> tragedy at escape from alcatraz
the philippine community but i think to a very diverse, san francisco community. she is excellent with all students of color, the philippine teachers is only 5 percent of the san francisco unified, you know, employees. we need more philippine teachers, and we need more teachers of color and to put her on the chopping block with all of the great evaluations and a promising evaluation even from flinn is really shocking to us and that is why we are here. thank you very much. reskend her name and reelect her. good night. [ applause ] >> hi, there, my name is sandy coleman, i'm a parent of a child that graduated from flinn elementary school. my son michael was in mis coleman's class, so i am here to have her please reelected to be a teacher because she is a really excellent special education teacher. i think that a lot of things that people don't realize that when you have a child that has behavior issues it is hard to find a teacher that is a good fit and i moved my son in fourth grade to flinn elementary because his old school was not working out and he had a teacher that was abusive to the k
. and here in san francisco, you know, we are at this point trying to after a hiatus of three years because of court-ordered injunctions trying to implement our bike plan. so we all a collective goal, i believe, to increase the environmental and nick sustainability of the world around us that we participate in and especially in san francisco, but we do have a special responsibility because this place provides us with the opportunity that most other places don't. the geometry and geography of san francisco is up that it is easier for us being in a city of short trips to veil ourselves to other alternatives to the car. so when we want to reclaim the street and the public right-of-way and the public realm for people and basic human needs of access to the humanities that urban environments provide, we have a better shot at than, say, other places where large distances have to be traversed in most american cities to kind of get to the places you want to get. here in san francisco, we have been blessed by the geometry where our trips are short where 40 years ago we realized that this was the way
the country and sharing gen-x 7 as a. her mainstream reputation grew with her novel. theses san francisco public library took notice and asked her if she would begin carrying a monthly reading series based on her community. >> a lot of the raiders that i work with our like underground writers. they're just coming at publishing and at being a writer from this underground way. coming in to the library is awesome. very good for the library to show this writing community that they are welcome. at first, people were like, you want me to read at the library, really? things like that. >> as a documentary, there are interviews -- [inaudible] >> radar readings are focused on clear culture. strayed all others might write about gay authors. gay authors might write about universal experiences. the host creates a welcoming environment for everybody. there is no cultural barrier to entry. >> the demographic of people who come will match the demographic of the reader. it is very simple. if we want more people of color, you book more people of color. you want more women, your book more women. kind of lik
can see the space between the buildings in san francisco. and here we have a space that's about 3 fourth of an inch or an inch or something like that -- 3/4 of an -- 3 fourth of an inch or an -- 3/ of an inch or an inch, or something like that. you do a roof and your neighbor does a roof and you put a piece of flashing between the building and that keeps water out of that space between the buildings. water gets down there between the buildings and it's extremely difficult to repair dry rot inside that space. you have to take the inside wall out to get to it. we also see a couple of other things happening here. we see a down spout from a drain and those need to just be checked to make sure they're secure. they usually have lightweight connecters so you have to make sure they stay connected. here's a gutter at the top. people let their gutters fill up with debris. you need to clean a gutter out. how often? >> if you're near a pine tree, there's a lot of pines in san francisco, the needles can fill up, you -- probably twice, at least twice a year. it depends on where -- how many tree
a assistant district attorney for the city and county of san francisco. i have spent many years prosecuting child abuse cases in san francisco of all kinds. i am here to tell you district attorney george gaston is strongly committed to this opening. we have fought years for something like this. child abuse cases present unique and difficult challenges. their needs are immense and the agencies that work on this and experts from child protective services to the police to the da's office to doctors and psychologists. the benefits of having all of those people in one place for the children who is a victim of abuse or witnessed traumatic incidents is immeasurable. for them to be able to go to one spot with their family and receive services and support and placement all in one place, and in a building that has excellent public transportation that families can get to easily that is known throughout the city this particular location. the benefit also runs through the experts to have all of us in one place to talk to each other, to talk about cases, to plan a strategy, to try to make sure not
represented by the ten district stations. the san francisco police department has ten stations, here in the northern district, as you heard. the captain is the new captain, but we go to the communitieses to hear from you what your concerns are. we are in charge of all policy and procedure with reference to the san francisco police department and our role is to hire and i have not had to do so far but fire the police chief because they are not responding to the community and our role is to be your liason everything from whether or not the police department should have tasers and whether or not we have fair and impartial policing. so there is a lot of issues that we deal with and also deal with disciplinary matters and we sit as a quasi, judicial body and we hear the hearings, and we have the director with us today dr. hiks which is the office of citizen complaints. they investigate complaints regarding police officers and we also have management control from the police department that brings cases against the police officers, we hear those case and we make the final determination on t
-- >> he was a former san francisco chief and police professor. >> no officer wants to shoot anybody. and when they do they feel badly about it even if the individual was a serious desperado. no officer wants to use deadly force. another shooting involved union city police. he pointed a gun after running away from a traffic stop. this happened on dire street and media way. >> oh my god. >> san jose police opened fire on a suspect on saturday afternoon. they say he rammed into at least three squad cars and then appeared to be hiding something that was perceived to be a threat. early saturday morning a chase that started in daly city ended in gunfire near candlestick park. an officer shot and killed a driver who police say tried to run from his car and then raised his gun at officers. >> the former chief says he had seconds to make a decision and that court and investigators may spend months on. these shootings will come under scrutiny as well. abc7 news. >> thank you, john. the series of officer-involved shootings comes days after the fatal shooting of officers in santa cruz. lauren b
daetz. standoff in san francisco ended with a suspected burglar in custody. it started about 3:00 this afternoon when a couple returned to their apartment to find a woman inside. it ended with the woman vungd a shotgun before surrendering herself. 20-year-old woman told them to leave the apartment. they flagged down a muni driver to call police. when they arrived the woman didn't leave but she ended the standoff by coming out. the woman that is not identified herself the shotgun she was holding belonged to the resident. she was not surety. >> there have been four officer-involved shootings in a little more than 24 hours. first happened around 12:30 yesterday morning in san francisco. less than two hours later san jose police shot and killed a suspect. last evening union city police killed a suspect while chasing him and earlier this morning, hayward police killed a man. tomas ramon has more on that case. >> i heard a loud crash and i got out. >> reporter: this is what norma heard about 3:30 sunday morning. a maroon honda sits where the driver lost control on "d" street in haywa
for san francisco and how we're trying to accommodate some of that growth. as you know this was developed for a sustainable community strategy and implements these things to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the regional projections are here. they project that the bay area which is the nine counties that touch the bay will grow by 2 million people and add 1 million jobs and housing units and that is about 2/3 of the city of san francisco -- no, more than that. that is double the size of san francisco and while they have projections by county it's clear that number is coming to the bay area and whether they will go to each county the way they project it's clear about that number is coming whether we plan for it or not. so the regional growth strategy that has been projected by a bag and amc the priority development areas which are primarily along transit facilities will absorb 80% of the housing and 66% of the jobs. the second bullet is important even with the urban centric scenario that we call it and focus the growth on the three big cities and that is 15% of the regional growth. medi
downtown san francisco. visibility compromised conditions around santa rosa, two and a half miles there. 7 mi. napa, sixth half moon bay, the rest of the bay area is not dealing with low ground fog. look forward to great, overcast skies once the sun comes up. also into the afternoon he will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures ranging from the upper 50's, low 60s south bay cupertino. 60 mountain view, 59 santa clara. east bay you will see mid-60s and possibly for fairfield, 58 vallejo, at downtown san francisco low to mid '50's, 53 napa, 58 san rafael. satellite and radar shows quiet weather over the bay area and we do have changes to talk about with a strong cold front. it will impact the bay area. what is the timing of the system? of future cast four walks you through it. this is set up for tomorrow around midday. dry for most of us, initial rain. it will continue to march his way south, by 6:00 p.m. yellow dominating most of the bay area indicating moderate to heavy rain. light rain for the real north bay, south bay. scattered showers on the back and that can last until wednes
monroe is the president of and we celebrated several former san francisco officers and one that worked in this parish for the role in the civil rights advocates in the 60s and 70s raising the rights of the officers. and you probably know that san francisco is the most diverse police department in the country and it is because of the work of these men who received the awards and put in the hall of fame because their hard work that we have the police department that we have today that was a great ceremony and that is all that i have to report and commissioners, anything to report? >> i would like to report that the coffee was delicious. i am sorry guys. >> it has been a long day. >> i wanted to report that it was a fantastic promotion ceremony, some great family and i just wanted to echo the points that the deputy chief made is that our job is to be critical and hold the police officers accountable every day and we do that well in san francisco and it is also nice to celebrate some people who worked really hard to become leaders in the department at a time when there is so much transitio
an arena decent for presentation san francisco would be the first site but that doesn't mean this has to be the only site in san francisco but it's the best site because it satisfies so many things being so close to accessibility from cal train, from bart, from muni, from a lot of different public transportation and also very walkable. it also impresses me after giant games the number of people on the street walking up to market street or into the heart of san francisco and everyone had horror stories about how bad it would be and i don't think i ever had a problem coming or going to a giant games whether i walked or drive or public transportation. i usually don't drive and if i do i park a wayings away and i think this makes sense. somebody brought up the question about maritime uses and as was pointed out in the presentation there is the idea of kayak access and some ferry terminal or some terminal is planned as part of the project. fishing will be available. there will be greater access to the water. there is none now. you can walk out there and look out into the water and now
area to help them do what makes sense and that is to locate their businesss in san francisco where we have a great infrastructure present and we can built more easily close to transit. >> yes, i have to adjust two different things, one is the issue around the office and most people know that i work for a global technology firm and 100 billion and we bet on cities because 80 percent of the population will live in the world's cities by 2030. just the facts that i can provide a lot of data and stats and lots of information. that is probably not of interest, because of the specific of the global problem in the areas around infrastructure related to cities and it is not a problem because the people did not anticipate this, so i am going to start with talking more specifically about the local aspect and then talk a little bit more globally, when it comes to the office the challenge that we have, and it is the same, it is similar to the last case that we just had. we don't own the land and we don't control when or where they build. it is entitle office projects that have not been built and l
location of charles char scrab and a broken firm and happens to be a san francisco firm and with chase moving in there are 22 signs and in every column space there is one sign so as the arcade goes on you have a sign for column spacing and then on the inside between lit signage on the store front you have blue atm's and everything else which comes through it. i would like the department to put on things to look at. it's not what the code prescribes. last i heard of a wonderful story and veteran's common and the mission street building which is the jeweled building with the roof top garden bar was adapted to accept about 20 -- i'm want sure on the number, veteran vouchers of home units negotiated by former supervisor dufty and i think that is a wonderful and positive thing to share with each other. it's described in the paper today if anyone wants more detail on that. >> thank you. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i read in interest about the story i think the chairperson of yahoo that ask employees not work from home anywhere and in the future go to their campus to work, and
of the black human rights leadership of san francisco founded by dr. espinola jackson. i am also a member of rafeqi wellness and we believe in wellness and i believe it's the wrong location and i would like you to let that doctor know find another location, and i understand that she was with dr. coleman's doctor. well, i have a medical condition and i went up to that center trying to find a doctor in my community to see my condition. the place is closed. money i understand was spent trying to get in down there. so much for wellness in the community. and whoever said the whole place is polluted. it can go anywhere. it might as well go anywhere. if you know that person god heard it too and they have a karmic debt to pay. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon everyone. my name is theresa ballard. to the commission and the audience i am a lifelong resident of bay view hunter's point and up to this date i have chronic asthma. i have fieb ramiaga and lupus. to this day they don't understand why all of these auto immune diseases are attacking the minorities and the black
are paying cash this morning. >> now, from the top of the newscast from san francisco for the south bay to the east bay, bay area police are investigating a rash of officer-involved shootings, this past weekend, the latest was in hair, and that is where our reporter is joining us live. cornell? >> it was a violent weekend for police. we are live at foothill and d street here in hayward. this is where a police shooting came to a deadly end this week when a suspect tried to ram a hayward police car. it happened on sunday after police fired eight shots into a honda after police say the driver tried to ram the patrol car which had a civilian inside for a ride along. a passenger in the honda was killed and the driver crashed and ran away. police later caught up and arrested the suspect, 23-year-old. here is what a witness saw. >> i looked out and i saw the cops running to the car with the guy right around that little turn over there. i heard them say "face on the ground." that is gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried to ram three police cars. it was one of several s
we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budget working on power generation in the country. we've been doing sewer for the city. we're looking at a brand-new rebuild of all watt systems in san francisco and we haven't had a home that's been other than mental. >> they staff over 900 people. the puc is in two office locations. >> you know, this is such a great place for a building. if the puc owned that building and we could make that the icon i can sustainable building puc represents, wouldn't be a dramatic idea? >> so, one
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